Providing a complete and well structured courses of the Art of Magic.

The Academy of Magic Malaysia is founded by Chris Cheong, Malaysia's public voted top performing magician, mentalist and illusionist.

We are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Academy of Magic Malaysia is a brand venture owned entirely by Chris Cheong Mind & Magic (Business registration: 002216879-H).


To provide a complete and well structured courses of the Art of Magic. From foundation to specialty courses.


To lead by example and encourage other professional magicians from all around the world to provide a well structured courses and properly nurture those who wants to learn the Art of Magic.


We believe that every individual deserve to learn the Art of Magic the right way.

The Founder | Author

Chris Cheong has been performing professionally for over 15 years. He was public voted as Malaysia's Top Magician, Mentalist & Illusionist.

Traveled over 35 countries worldwide, performed for over ten million audience members. Performed on cruise ships, entertainment resort hotels, and theater.

3 years on local television, and 5 consecutive years of show tours performance across India.


All of our courses are structured, organized, tested and written by Chris Cheong.


All of our courses are taught 1 to 1 by Chris Cheong and his apprentices.


Learning is an lifelong process.


"Astonishment is not an emotion that's created. It's an existing state that's revealed." Paul.H

Just like any performance art, it takes many years and hundreds of hours of performance and practice to get really good at magic. However, the real secrets of good performance are not as readily available as those of, for example, playing the piano.

Although there is some exceptional instructional material available on the market, there is still more of very poor quality. Often the material is insufficiently road-tested and not even produced by magicians who work in the real world for real people. It's very easy for the dedicated student to waste countless hours following dead ends.

My magic courses aims to establish correct principals from the outset and build firm foundations for the successful performance of our craft.


Chris Cheong

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