Frequently Asked Questions

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The Top Questions

What are the age requirement?

5 and above, however, that may not apply to every individual. It is important that the individual can communicate on a basic level in either English, Melayu or Mandarin language despite of his/her age or are able to take command from common sign language.

What language will the student learn in?

English is the first choice. Mainly because a lot of the notes and reference are written in the English language. However, we can also conduct the classes in entirely Melayu or Mandarin or Cantonese.

Are the learning materials provided?

Mostly yes but can sometimes be no. All the necessary materials will provided ofcourse. But we can not buy you a car just to make it disappear or buy you a lion to make it appear.

Is there any after class support?

Contact the instructer via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Email. Learning is a lifelong process, we want our student to learn it the right way with the right support.

Where will the lesson be conducted?

All classes are conducted in our office or virtually online through Google Meet (If COVID-19 precaution is still a concern).

When will the lesson be conducted?

Based on the individual and the instructer’s availability. It is a mutual agree time from both party. It can be weekday, weekend, morning, afternoon, and evening. We will discuss these on our discussion session.

Will there be other student attending?

No. It will never happen unless it specifically requested by the student him/herself. All of our classes are conducted 1 to 1.

How long are each lesson?

45 to 60 minute per lesson with 2 hours maximum. Which will depend on the difficulty of the lesson on that particular class. 1 lesson per week.

When do i pay?

We prefer the payment to be made in full before the first class or an upfront deposit before the first class and then balance after the first class.

How do i pay?

Cash, direct bank transfer or through Touch ‘n Go eWallet only.

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